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What sizes are the matresses?

Small mattress – 55 inches long, 27.5 inches wide (usually used for children under 10.

Medium mattress– 62 inches long, 27.5 inches wide.

Large mattress - 79 inches in length, 32 inches wide

The teepees then fit over the mattresses, therefore only increase the width by a few cm.

What size is the Bell Tent?

5 meter. 7mx7m pitch area is needed for the bell tent.

How many can fit in the bell tent?

The 5 meter bell tent sleeps 5 comfortably or 6 with reduced space. The tent can seat  up to 12 people.

How do the deposits and payment work?

A refundable deposit of at least £20 for indoor teepee hire and £40 for bell tent hire. The balance to be paid in full and cleared 7 days prior to the event start date of the party

Can the bell tent be set up on artificial grass?

Unfortunately not. We need to anchor the tent to the ground with pegs in order to make it secure and this would unfortunately put holes in your artificial lawn.

What if it rains of the day of my bell tent hire?

We monitor the weather and set-up at an appropriate time. Our bell tent is extremely durable and is made to withstand all weather. We would only ever postpone your event in extreme weathers where it is not safe for us to erect the tent.

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